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Are you a Magento developer? Want to try something new? Give Sylius a chanche!

Sylius optimized Stack

New: OpenStack based, ready to develop and blazing fast Sylius image, specs:

  • Debian 10 with HTTP/2
  • php 7.4 (Optimized)
  • MySQL 8.0 (Performance tweaked)
  • Developer tools like composer, git, npm, ...

Test our blazing fast demo here: and contact us for more info!

About Sylius

Sylius is a modern Symfony2 based eCommerce framework.

Solid foundations

Built on the shoulders of open source giants

Component-based approach

Sylius is constructed from decoupled bundles

  • Use the standard Sylius webshop
  • Build a custom platform on top of Sylius
  • Construct your own solution using the components
  • Integrate Sylius into your existing Symfony2 application
  • All features available as standalone bundles


Customize every aspect of your shop

  • Customize the core models with ease
  • Adapt the logic inside any service
  • Leverage the powerful events system
  • Override the Twig templates
  • Use any of the 2,700 Symfony2 bundles in your Sylius project

Code quality

It is nice to think about developers for once

  • Full respect of modern coding standards
  • PHP OOP with clean architecture
  • Code you can read and understand
  • Developed using the BDD methodology
  • Test-Driven-Development

Intense development

Continuous improvement

  • Friendly community
  • Over 270 people have contributed to Sylius
  • More than 7,000 commits
  • Constantly adding new features

For Symfony2 developers

Every Symfony user will feel like at home

  • Standard project structure
  • Bundle based architecture
  • Using community bundles
  • Simple to integrate into existing app