The search module on Simply Fabulous!

Everything you want to know about building and renovating can be found on This website bundles all the practical info and direct contact details of just about every potential construction partner. Through the user-friendly search module you can find contractors, interior architects or plumbers in your neighbourhood. The thematic links, checklists and virtual construction fair make the tool for buying, building or renovating.


Step 1
Permanently in pole position

Anyone who visits is looking for a company from the construction sector. And those looking for information also want to find it quickly and easily. Thanks to our extensive expertise in supporting Drupal websites, we were immediately able to help web builder Simply Fabulous to make the search module work as quickly as possible.

First of all, the redis caching provided a noticeable optimization, but we also achieved our goal through the solr plug-in. Do the test yourself at and you will see how easily and quickly you can search!


Step 2
Maximum uptime

In addition to the speed of the search module, all listed building partners naturally also count on permanent availability. Anyone who is searching must be able to find their info immediately. We can of course also offer that guarantee to BouwRegister.


Step 3
Continuous monitoring

Hosted Power has in-house expertise for all php solutions, but we really know Drupal through and through. It is no coincidence that our own site was built in Drupal. That knowledge helps us to detect optimization possibilities even faster and to keep our finger on the pulse within the Drupal framework.