Many Magento enthusiasts like OroCRM because of its solid integration with Magento. Furthermore it also supports LDAP/AD integration!

If you're looking for a managed hosting partner specialized in Magento and supporting OroCRM on top of that, look no further.

Finally we also have a strong focus on security, if you ask us a very important factor when running any CRM system in the cloud!

About OroCRM

OroCRM was founded in 2012, with the idea that multi-channel businesses need CRM solutions built for their needs. A customizable, open source CRM software that puts your personalized customer experience at the heart of the system.

OroCRM is a product that is flexible, has key marketing tools for multi-channel businesses out of the box, and amazing dashboards and reporting that help companies make sense of disparate data. 

Spend Less Time Coordinating & More Time Closing

OroCRM‘s 360° customer view integrates every step of the customer journey, from pre-sales and marketing activities through to final close. Easily access previous conversations, discover purchase trends, anticipate customer needs, and learn new ways to convert leads into happy customers.

Market the Right Offer to the Right Customer at the Right Time

Build targeted campaigns around geography, products purchased, items viewed, and more. You can even segment customers using data from any of OroCRM‘s many third-party integrations (e.g. Magento), ensuring you stay a step ahead.

Always Be Prepared in Front of Any Customer

Organize all information associated with each customer inside a profile view, saving you valuable time. At a glance, see all support tickets, orders, interactions, and more, helping you anticipate customer needs.

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