Managed Hosting Solutions

Thanks to our managed services you never have to worry about your hosting again: Our experts keep everything under control 24/7!

NITWIT or PRO? With Hosted Power you will always maintain peace of mind. With our managed hosting we can take over the entire hosting part for you so that you can focus your attention on your core business yourself! Are you an ICT professional? Then we will gladly jointly handle your technical challenges together with you.

AWS Managed Hosting Solutions

Our AWS managed services combined with our proactive monitoring, provide you with peace of mind and ensure that your environment remains under control at all times. Together with our extensive knowledge of automation, you will be relieved of daily and repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Shared Responsibility Model

Our priority is to keep your AWS infrastructure secure, up-to-date and in optimal condition. We achieve this through our team of experts and our extensive partnership with AWS. Since AWS works with the shared responsibility model, it is especially important to work with a partner who can guarantee the security of your (customer) data.

Managed hosting

Managed hosting for us means that at no time and in no situation do you have to worry about hosting your application, website, web shop, platform....

Hosted Power's managed hosting services guarantees your peace of mind. Whether you are an expert or a layman, we can take care of everything related to hosting, so you can focus on your core business. 

Hosted Power offers lightning fast hosting and extremely reliable cloud solutions. Because we only work with technology and hardware of the highest quality, your webshop or application cannot be beaten in speed. 

Optimal uptime and continuous monitoring

With the most powerful and high-performance solutions available, Hosted Power guarantees you not only a minimum loading time but also the best possible uptime. Nothing is left to chance and our technical experts are immediately ready to intervene should the need arise. 

Because we monitor our servers and infrastructure - and therefore the services you are a customer for - 24/7, the managed hosting services we offer will never let you down. Your sites and applications will remain online and highly performant. Everything runs smoothly and stably, no matter what.

Dedicated support

Hosted Power focuses on business customers. We know you only want the very best for your company - large or small. That's why our technical experts are always at your service and answer your support questions very quickly. At Hosted Power, the support is still truly dedicated. That's not just a fancy term we use because it sounds good.

Because Hosted Power wants to make the difference with its managed hosting solutions in the area of support as well. Small problems we solve behind the scenes, without you even noticing that something went wrong. And for structural problems we search for the best solution together with our customers to keep guaranteeing the quality you rightly expect from us.

Managed hosting by Hosted Power is completely focused on taking your worries away. Hosting literally becomes the last of your worries, because you know it's in the best hands with us.

Continuous monitoring and excellent support

If you build an application or develop software yourself, you need the best possible hosting. While you keep your platform in optimal condition, you don't want to worry about its hosting.

And rightly so, in our opinion. At Hosted Power we leave nothing to chance. Our infrastructure is monitored 24/7 and our technical experts are ready to intervene if necessary.

You can also count on Hosted Power for fast and excellent technical support. Our support team is almost as fast as our hosting and is ready to help you whenever needed. With our fully managed hosting services, we can take the hassle out of your business. Finally, our solid and clear Service Level Agreement is the best guarantee for the top performance you rightly expect from Hosted Power.

MS Azure, Alibaba, AWS Managed Hosting Solutions

Hosted Power works with Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS), among others, for its cloud solutions. Each of these providers has specific solutions and qualities. Depending on the needs of your business, we propose a targeted custom solution. AWS, for example, has the advantage of being the largest provider of cloud solutions worldwide. It can therefore offer a lot of extra services and possibilities, and also provide perfect technical support. A company like Amazon also has a reputation to uphold and therefore takes no chances whatsoever when it comes to security. If your company has to meet strict guidelines when it comes to compliancy, managed hosting at AWS is the perfect solution.